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性的な魚 - 繁殖を忘れた魚達
The sexual fish - The fish that forgot to breed
2min.00sec.  Quick Time/Stereo  2014
Direction & Animation : Dino Sato
Music : Makoto Miyata   /  2014
Based Poem: “And I Lounged and Lay on Their Beds” /  Constantine P. Cavafy  / 1915
Special Thanks: Vassilis Boutos





It is the house of pleasure for fish.

I express the pleasure of fish that forgot to breed.

Then I can even see fishing and landing fishes as sexual acts.

This animation was inspired with the C.P. Cavafy’s poem "And Lounged and Lay on Their Beds."


カエルのハコ / Frog Box
0min30sec. Quick Time/Stereo 2009
Direction,Animation and Edit : Dino Sato
Sound Effects : Dino Sato





The frog move back and forth between 3 boxes in the screen, running away from captor.

The work expressed a relationship the frame in the frame.


カエルのタネ / Frog Seed
05min.00sec.  NTSC/Stereo  2008
Direction,Animation and Edit : Dino Sato
Music: A.M.P. (Takaaki Amamoto / Makoto Miyata)
"Re.gion" / Meditation Drive 2 (c)2003 Agravic Records









A frog living in deep forest was brought up city by a stoke.

The frog was run over, then the city was covered with jungle.

30 years ago, frogs strolled the streets in the center of Tokyo.

In rainy day, I often saw the dead frog that ran over.

A beautiful fresh pink organ was spilled on the black asphalt. 



あか あお ふたりで / The Line Magic by Red & Blue

NTSC/Stereo/3'30"00 NDF 2006
Direction & Animation Dino Sato
Original Illustration U.G. Sato
Music Makoto Miyata




In 1996, Illustrator U.G.Sato published the picture book “The line magic by red and blue”.
2 concurrent lines, a red and a blue one, start a journey on a plain white background and proceed to draw the shape of various plants and animals along the way.


NTSC/Stereo/5'00"00 NDF 2006
Direction & Animation : Dino Sato
Produce & Original sculptures : Hiroshi Sato
Music : Makoto Miyata


グラフィックデザイナー佐藤浩が90年代より環境問題への警鐘として 制作してきたオブジェ作品を映像化。

暗くなりがちなテーマだけに、 明るく、希望の見える作品を目指した。


In 1990’s, a graphic designer Hiroshi Sato produced a series of sculptures for environmental problems.

It was named “SCRAPLAND”.
In a post-apocalyptic world, the only survivors are fantastic creatures made of scrap metal. With body parts made of tubes, pipes and wires, they feed and play just the same as their animal ancestors did.


NTSC/Stereo/4'32"25 NDF 1999


Direction & Animation Dino Sato
Original Illustration U.G. Sato
Music Makoto Miyata


イラストレーターU.G.サトーにより発表された、「TREEDOM」と名付けられた一連のポスターに時間と動きを与え、ポスターの凝縮された表現から得たインスピレーション によって、新たなアニメーションへの飛躍を試みた作品


In 1993, Illustrator U.G.Sato published a series of posters to be named "Treedom". These were expressed the present situation of GAIA through trees's anger, sadness and plesure.

I thoght to give the posters time and action. I tried a jump to new animation by the inspirations acquired from the posters.

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