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性的な魚 シリーズ - 生臭いカクテル

The Sexual Fish - Fishy cocktails

Animated GIF / 2014



The series of the fishes abandon themselves to pleasure.

<作品解説 / the description of work.>



2014 Mar.  Judges Award - International GIF anime Awards 2014

      国際GIFアニメアワード2014 審査員賞



性的な魚シリーズを見る。/ See the all works here.

Duck Loop / アヒルループ

Animated GIF / 2013






In my childhood, I gave ducks a big green caterpillar.
The moment they saw a tasty-looking fat caterpillar,

the lovely ducks became wild eyes like beasts.
And they ate greedy and immediatly. Their yellow bills turned green quickly.
I haven't overcome the trauma now.




2013 Mar.  Judges Award - International GIF anime Awards 2013

      国際GIFアニメアワード2013 審査員賞



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