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あか あお ふたりで / The Line Magic by Red & Blue

NTSC/Stereo/3'30"00 NDF 2006
Direction & Animation Dino Sato
Original Illustration U.G. Sato
Music Makoto Miyata




In 1996, Illustrator U.G.Sato published the picture book “The line magic by red and blue”.
2 concurrent lines, a red and a blue one, start a journey on a plain white background and proceed to draw the shape of various plants and animals along the way.



上映歴 / The history of screening



2006 Oct. “Jury recommended work “ 2007 Japan Media Arts Festival,

                文化庁メディア芸術祭2007 (Tokyo,Japan)

2007 Mar. “diploma for wit and light perception “in a category Abstract Experimental films.         



Official selection

2006 Oct. “19th Bourg-en-Bresse 2006 ” (Bourg-en-Bresse,France)

2007 May Anifest 2007(Trebon,Czech)2007 Jun 1st KRATKOFIL07(Banjaluka,Bosnia and Herzegovina )

2007 Sep. Animadrid07 (Madrid, Spain)

2007 Aug. 10th Zimbabwe International Film Festival

2007 Nov. 5th Toronto Japanese Short Film Festival (Tronto, Canada)

2008 Apr. 17th International Young Filmmakers Festival GRANADA(Granada, Spain)


Screening (Film Festival)

2007 Mar. Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007, 東京国際アニメフェア2007

     “第10回文化庁メディア芸術祭優秀作品上映会 (Tokyo,Japan)

2007 May Vol.1 The Film Festival of International Animation in Kanagawa

     第1回神奈川国際アニメーション映像祭 (Yokohama,Japan)

2007 Apr. Nippon Connection 2007 (Frankfurt am Main,Germany)

2007 Apr. Barcelona Asian Film Festival (Barcelona ,Spain)

2007 May SICAF2007 (Seoul,Korea) - Best Japanese Short Animation:Japan Media Arts Festival2007

2007 Jul. JAPAN CUTS;Festival of New Japanese Film (New York ,U.S.A.)

2007 Sep. ARS ELECTRONICA (Japanese Animation Program)

2007 Sep. ElectroFringe (Japan Media Arts Festival Visual Works ) (New Castle / Australia)

2007 Oct. MADTOK (Madrid, Spain)

2007 Oct. 文化庁メディア芸術祭徳島展

2007 Oct. 3rd Colchester’s International Short Film Festival (Colchester / U.K.)

2007 Nov. CINANIMA (Espinho,Portugal)2009 Feb. Tout petits cinéma (Forum des images) (Paris,France)

2009 Jun. Children make their cinema (Romainville,France)


Screening (Museum)

2007 Apr. Japanese Film Days / Cinemathique Leipzig e.V. (Leipzig ,Germany)

2007 Jul. Filmhaus Nurnberg (Nurnberg ,Germany)

2008 Jan. SALA PARPALLE (Valencia ,Spain)

2008 The Andalusian Center Of Contemporary Arts (Seville,Spain) - Nocturama Proggram2009 Mar.- Jun. Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo(MEIAC) (Badajoz,Spain)

2009 Nov. Les Après-midi des enfants ( Forum des images) (Paris,France)



2009 Feb. Canton Palace Theatre (Canton, Ohio, U.S.A.) - Japanese Film Festival2009 Feb. Stark County District Library (Ohio, U.S.A.) - Sandy Valley Independent Short Film Series



2008 Aug. "Cartoon Midnight" / CARTOON NETWORK(Cable TV) (Japan)


2009-2011 "Trickbox" / Schweizer Fernsehen (Switzerland)

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